Monday, 31 August 2015

Giving Myself a Kick Up the Blogside...

Well my hobby break hasn't really rekindled any major enthusiasm so I've decided to revert back to plan A which is to do stuff for the blog which should then hopefully get the juices flowing...

I have a couple of projects lined up... First off is something Panzerfäuste orientated. For some time I've always wanted to create a small underground cavern gaming table so have decided to do this for Panzerfäuste using the Dwarf invasion of the Troglodyte homeland as a basis. Aside from having to build the table, there are no Trog figures available at present but I have some ideas using a mix of WW2 and fantasy plastic figures to create some partisans...

Secondly there is Frostgrave, which was bough for me as a present and I've yet to sit down and read through, even though the small war band Mordheim concept seems really cool (and a sneak look at Jim's blog and his Arabian adventurers band idea is interesting).

Time to dust off the paintbrushes...


  1. I think Plan A is the best idea to rekindle things.

    As for Frostgrave alternative settings, there are all sorts of options - ancient Egypt, Scandinavia/Lappland, the Spanish Main, the Orient. post-apocalyptic to name a few

  2. Good luck, Sir. Look forward to some more posts.

    Like so many others I have the Frostgrave rules as well, but with my terrain will completely ignore the snow element. As TamsinP suggests, the game should go anywhere (even if a slight tweak is needed now and again!)

  3. I reckon Frostgrave wll do the job...not too time consuming, plenty of room for a little imagination and licence, plus the option to do some fun free hand modelling. Should be right up your street!

  4. I've been painting goblins. Not too much effort involved.