Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Great Orcs

I managed to finish of the first unit for the Olde Skool Warhammer project today. Being a tad ornery they aren't Citadel miniatures or from the Eighties but they are Kev Adams sculpts and the huge models make great Black Orcs.

The models are ex-Harlequin, now Black Tree Design Great Orcs and are wonderfully detailed, although this meant they took far longer to paint than I anticipated.

There are more photos here if you are interested...


  1. Those look great!
    I love Kevin Adams orcs & goblins, always have.
    I've heard some unfavorable reports about Black Tree Design's shipping though, long delays, lack of communication, missing orders, that sort of thing. You didn't have any problems? I haven't ordered from them before, but such stories have made me hesitate.

    1. I have not ordered from BTD myself, it does seem if they have it in stock you can get it quickly, otherwise it might be a long wait. I have had these in the lead pile for years having got them off Harlequin in Nottingham back in the day...

  2. As do I. Really characterful mini's. Great work on the painting. They really are Great Orcs in more ways than one (there you go, now that I've said, you can stop worrying about anyone else saying it). Genuinely mean it though. That's great work.

  3. Good God you have made a wonderful job of them. I love these and also the smaller Snotling type ones, Nightlings I think, he did too. WONDERFUL