Monday 17 October 2011

Liquid Green Stuff

A work trip to Budapest which turned my man flu into fully blown manthrax somewhat limited any wargaming related activity over the last week but I did manage to give GW's latest product - Liquid Green Stuff - a quick spin and think it could be a jolly useful addition to any wargamers set up.

I guess the product is in response to the issues GW appear to be having with their Finecast resin and the small holes that can occur in the process and are really hard to fill using conventional materials like Green Stuff and Milliput.

Liquid Green Stuff is a very viscous liquid you literally paint onto fine cracks and small holes and seems to work very well. I've just tried it on the mould lines on my Maximilian War Mexicans which whilst not being very pronounced are distinct enough to show if untreated but light enough that they would show up when drybrushing or being dipped, especially on the sombreros. I would normally have filed them but this would have required a lot of effort and care, here I just painted the stuff on in minutes...

It's water soluble so brushes clean up easily and you can thing it for very fine lines and smoothness of finish. All in all, a useful product with lots of potential uses and well worth picking up.


  1. I've been wondering about this stuff.

    I'll have to get a pot of it now :O)

    Sorry to hear about the lurgy.

    Try gargling some warm scotch..usually does the trick.

  2. Thanks for the info. Did you notice any shrinkage as it dries? That was picked up on at Target and I'm wondering whether it's a general issue.

    Hope you're feeling better already. I always recommend a big homemade dinner with fresh veg and plenty of rehydration too.

  3. I haven't noted any shrinkage but I've only used it sparingly. I would guess that it you used it over a large area it might when drying depending on how much water you've added.

    I'll try the scotch first before some Yorkshire puds...

  4. Apparently Mr Surfacer -40ml for £5.50 is similar...there was a discussion about this over at the steve dean forum.
    I´ve just got over a severe case of manthrax myself so I offer my sympathies.

  5. Is this like tartan paint, I'm sure its not 1st April!! Love the Manthrax quote, I shall be using this!

  6. I understand the main difference between this and Mr Surfacer (and Tamiya's Liquid Primer) is that this is water soluble and you only need water to clean your brushes...

  7. "I haven't noted any shrinkage but I've only used it sparingly" - I don't think you are meant to apply it 'there' Steve :-)

  8. It does shrink a bit, so it will take 2 layers, but the advantages of it really outweigh that. It's a great product and we have just been sent a massive batch of it as the last 2 weeks we only got sent 6 in the order and it sold out the day we got the order BOTH TIMES!!!

  9. I was at GW Worcester this week and they had sold out.

    I have Mr Surfaces (two grades) which I have successfully used to add texture to some sculpts, but not to fill gaps.

    I will look out for this new product over the next couple of weeks and report back on my findings.


  10. Wow, not heard of this. Could be just the thing for plastic figure shoulder/arm gaps!