Monday, 29 March 2010

Lost Squad

Real world work has put a severe crimp in wargames orientated activities, but the good news is that I have eventually got my iMac back from having a new logic board fitted (and also now own a nifty little MacBook as well - on which I am writing this entry in front of the TV!).

Taking the week before Easter off (mainly to act as Saul's taxi as the choir are in and out all week at odd times in the run up to Easter even though his class mates are on holiday), I have actually got into the games room and today re-undercoated my 6mm ONESS Germans, started making up 1/1000th scale models of ironclad-era HMS Collingwood and HMS Inflexible and pondered sticking together a wonderful Dwarf War Golem kindly sent to me by Lieutenant Brittan who runs the Leviathan blog.

Anyway, short of newly painted metal/plastic/resin to show you I thought I'd bring Lost Squad to your attention...

Lost Squad is a comic book about a US Army special forces unit used when a mission is too weird for regular troops. The blurb says it is the "Dirty Dozen by way of the X-Files" and I think this sums it up perfectly. It doesn't take itself too seriously and is crammed full of Nazi occult magi, zombies and rocket troops. The artwork is great and though the German weaponry and uniforms aren't 100% accurate, sometimes not even 75%, it just adds to the overall off-beat nature of the stories. Examples of the artwork can be found on this Lost Squad blog.

If you are interested in Weird War Two and like it laced with supernatural elements, then check the Lost Squad out, the only disappointment is the lack of a second volume!

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