Saturday 31 October 2009

Hallowe'en Scarecrows

Just back from a week's R&R in hot and sunny Tenerife (brain disengaged, no painting, one wargame - more on that tomorrow and several books read...)

As it's Hallowe'en I dug out these old RAFM Scarecrows I painted up a great many years ago (in enamels!!). Wonderfully sculpted miniatures, I'm note sure if they have any wargaming application but they sure were fun to paint...


  1. I like the dusky color tones. I especially like that cloth-faced model. He's very self-assured, isn't he?

  2. Those are wonderful models and I too really like the use of dusky tones.

    As for wargaming application... There is a chance for any miniature to be used in fantasy wargaming! Perhaps consider a spooky song of swords and heroes game, possibly HOTT?

    Considering they are enamels as well, bleeding heck! I could never get the stuff to work!

    These look as if they could be reaper sculpts. Very odd.

    Cheers mate, keep it up!